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Skin Care Products


The CKL 3 Step Skin Care System is designed to help employers implement the best skin care practice in the workplace to address and avoid the risk of occupational dermatoses.

We only use premium skin-friendly pH-Neutral ingredients in our unique formulations, so they’re safe and suitable for frequent washing.

They also contain higher levels of expensive skin-conditioners to nourish & replenish the skin. In fact, our range is of far higher quality than many expensive consumer products. You will be surprised to find just how soft and smooth your skin becomes after just one wash.

The 3 Step System starts with our Protect Range which consists of barrier creams. Skin Protection products are used before and during work. They are designed in order to prevent the skin from damage caused by potentially harmful substances.on, skin protection products should exactly match with substances the skin is exposed to during work.

Secondly, our Cleanse Range consists of a variety of hand cleansers. They are specially formulated products to help cleanse the top layer of the epidermis whilst caring for the skin. A skin neutral pH balance that is kind to the skin and environment.

Lastly, our Care Range is mainly an after work cream. Restoring the skin’s natural oils after work is crucial to prevent the skin drying out and risk the onset of dermatoses. The protective moisturisers in our Care Lotion are a vital final step to help keep the skin supple and healthy.

The CKL Skin Care System will leave your hands feeling softer, cleaner & healthier at the end of your work day than before you walked in.

Skin care is concerned with addressing health & safety where SWP and PPE are not appropriate or possible. Indeed, even the use of PPE, whilst providing protection for the skin, can have a negative impact on skin health, such as creating excessive sweating.

Adoption of the CKL Skin Care system requires the integration of essential skin care products with practical education and support tools. This creates lasting change to the workplace by creating a much safer environment for your employees.

Implementing a skin care programme is essential to maintaining the health and well-being of your employees and to avoid the risk of occupational skin disease.


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