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CKL Skin Care

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The CKL Skin Care System is a 3-Step System that if used properly, will leave your hands feeling softer, cleaner & healthier at the end of your work day than before you walked in.

The benefits are not just cosmetic. Microscopic traces of pollutants remain on the skin even after ordinary washing. If not fully removed, over time, they may react unpredictably with the skin and cause skin conditions.

Occupational dermatoses is a serious problem in the UK, and it is growing.
Current solutions are clearly not enough.


4 million working days are estimated to be lost each year owing to absenteeism resulting from work-related skin disorders
Source: Health & Safety Executive (1.2)

Occupational dermatoses (skin disorders due to work) are prevalent in the UK, with some industries more affected than others.

Whether your skin is exposed to specific dermatological or biological hazards, or, like millions of others, your daily working life exposes you to any of the risk factors below (in red), over time, your skin health will almost certainly be at risk.

• dirt • grease • grime • dust • chemicals • pollutants • heat • abrasion • sweat • splashing • contaminated tools • excessive glove wear • wet conditions • friction •



Consciously trying to AVOID risk factors where possible
is the best form of defence.
But this is not always practical.

It’s more practical to PROTECT yourself.
This is where the premium quality ingredients
of CKL Skin Care range can really help.
We can also offer expert advice on the appropriate glove choices for your work. 

Finally, workers should CHECK themselves regularly for symptoms of dermatoses.


While protective safety work gloves certainly help avoid contact with irritants, excessive glove wear or the wearing of old, inadequate or incorrect gloves particularly on unprotected skin – can cause its own issues.

In fact, a growing area of complaint is the discomfort, sweat and abrasion caused by wearing gloves – even suitable high quality ones – all day as part of a job and particularly if indoors.


Traditionally, industrial barrier creams & hand cleansers have used cheaper chemicals, solvents or pHacidic ingredients in their formulations compared to consumer grade products.

Some studies even suggest that some of these ingredients may actually cause dermatoses themselves – particularly if there is a history of dermal sensitivity (eg excema).

The CKL Skin Care System will leave your hands feeling softer, cleaner & healthier at the end of your work day than before you walked in.

This is due to the fact that we only use premium skin-friendly pH-Neutral ingredients in our unique formulations, so they’re safe and suitable for frequent washing.

They also contain higher levels of expensive skin-conditioners to nourish & replenish the skin.

In fact, our range is of far higher quality than many expensive consumer products. Once you experience our products, you will be surprised to find just how soft and smooth your skin becomes after just one wash.

Why do we feel that industrial products justify higher quality ingredients than even luxury consumer skin care products?

The demands and responsibilities of industrial skin care products are far greater than that at consumer level. At work, hands and skin are far more regularly exposed to heavy duty: pollutants, infections, abrasions, and hazards than consumers. As a result, hands are, or rightly should be, washed more frequently and barrier creams should protect more effectively. All of this is a vital part of any skin health & safety best practice.

That’s why we will never compromise on the quality of our Skin Care Range.

Our 3-Step System

The 3 Step System starts with our Protect Range which consists of barrier creams. Skin Protection products are used before and during work. They are designed in order to prevent the skin from damage caused by potentially harmful substances.on, skin protection products should exactly match with substances the skin is exposed to during work.

Secondly, our Cleanse Range consists of a variety of hand cleansers. They are specially formulated products to help cleanse the top layer of the epidermis whilst caring for the skin. A skin neutral pH balance that is kind to the skin and environment.

Lastly, our Care Range is mainly an after work cream. Restoring the skin’s natural oils after work is crucial to prevent the skin drying out and risk the onset of dermatoses. The protective moisturisers in our Care Lotion are a vital final step to help keep the skin supple and healthy.

Download the CKL Skin Care PDF

Whether you work in grimy or oily conditions, or with inks & dyes, our range tackles it better than anything else we’ve ever seen. Don’t believe us? Contact us now and request a free sample.

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